Higher Standards bouchons tubes

Set de 6 bouchons de tubes en silicone pour nettoyer efficacement bongs et pipes à eau.

Higher Standards taster en verre

Petit et simple, le taster en verre de High Standards est la solution parfaite pour une bouffée discrète.

Disponible en Frosted Clear

Marley Natural pipe cuillère verre fum?...

Pipe cuillère en verre fumé avec grand bol de Marley Natural.


Marley Natural smoked glass taster

Always have a quick hit with you thanks to the smoked glass taster by Marley Naturals.

Marley Natural taster v2

Ce taster premium en verre est la solution parfaite pour une bouffée rapide.

Pipe glass base

A versatile glass pipe. Suitable as pipe for herbs when the flame is sucked in from the top, but when heated from below it doubles as a vaporizer for oils and concentrates.

Pipe Glass Cosmic Flower

The Cosmic Flower pipe features inside-out artwork. Normally the art is painted on top of the glass, but with this pipe the outer layer is completely untouched glass and the art is just underneath the...

Pipe Glass Gandalf

The favourite pipe of the greatest wizard in Middle Earth. Available as 9" Silver or 12" Frosted White. A flat base on the bowl prevents the pipe from rolling away when you put it down.

Disponible en silver frosted white

Pipe glass Hardcore Spike

Exquisite, handmade glass pipe featuring spikes around the bowl. Length: 14 cm.

Pipe Glass Sherlock Eye

Sherlock Holmes had a keen eye and enjoyed a smoke from his mahogany pipe. The Sherlock Eye is what happens when you attempt to combine these two into one glass pipe.

Pipe glass Solid Spoon

Glass spoon pipes with built-in ash catcher. Available in various colours.

Disponible en green blue

Pipe glass spoon (iridescent)

Classic Red Eye glass spoon pipe made of clear iridescent glass.

Pipe Glass Stand Up Mushroom

Tiny mushroom pipe with a mushroom cap as mouth piece. The bowl is flat on top so you can put the pipe in an upright position. Colour may vary.

Pipe glass Willy B

With only 8 centimetres, it's the perfect pocket pipe. No need to leave home without it.

Disponible en vert bleu/rouge bleu/vert bleu


Pipe Marley Natural

Pipe attrayante en verre et bois de noyer.


Pipe Steamroller en verre fumé Marley N...

La pipe Steamroller en verre fumé fournira de grosses bouffées pour les fumeurs avertis.


Pipe Steamroller Marley Natural

Magnifique pipe Steamroller conçue en verre et en bois. Une pipe droite pour des bouffées volumineuses.

Red Eye One Hitter

A handmade glass one hitter pipe from Red Eye, featuring a pinched mouthpiece.