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K. Haring

The K.Haring Glass Collection by Higher Standards is functional art and lifestyle products emboldened with the powerful, iconic imagery of legendary artist Keith Haring. A social activist and creative visionary, Haring used his artwork to spread messages of peace, love, equality and compassion. The K.Haring Glass Collection carries on his legacy, breaking boundaries and bringing colourful works of art into the everyday counterculture lifestyle.

K. Haring bubbler

The K.Haring bubbler really should be displayed in a museum, although it looks pretty great around the house.

Disponible en jaune bleu black & white multi

K. Haring catchall Angel

Stylish catchall in the shape of the famous Angel figure by Keith Haring.

K. Haring catchall Dog Bat

Artful glass catchall in the form of Keith Haring's Dog Bat. Stylish and weird.

K. Haring catchall Man Bat

Put all your smoking accessories in one place, namely the glass catchall in the shape of Keith Haring's famed Man Bat.

K. Haring rig

A beautiful glass rig for water filtered use of concentrates by K. Haring.

Disponible en black & white bleu multi yellow

K. Haring spoon pipe

Artful glass spoon pipe adorned with Keith Haring details.

Disponible en black & white multi bleu jaune

K. Haring taster

The K. Haring taster is an arty glass solution for a quick hit.

Disponible en black & white multi bleu yellow

K. Haring tray

Striking multifunctional tray adorned by Keith Haring artwork. Roll in style.

Disponible en multi coloured bleu Crack is Wack black & white

K. Haring water pipe

The art of the water pipe according to Keith Haring.

Disponible en black & white multi blue