En raison de leur durée de vie relativement courte de 2.5 mois et de leur petite taille, les variétés automatiques peuvent pousser pratiquement partout.

Les cannabis Indica et Sativa répondent aux changements de cycle jour / nuit de lumière. Une indica et une sativa commencera à fleurir en fonction de la durée du jour. Les variétés de cannabis automatiques ne répondent pas à ces changements de cycle. Les automatiques ne se mettront à fleurir qu'en fonction de leur âge.

Auto Critical Orange Punch (Dutch Passio...

L’Auto Critical Orange Punch est une variété de graine féminisée à autofloraison, la première auto de Dutch Passion à utiliser la génétique de la Critical.

Auto Desfrán (Dutch Passion)

Si le cycle de croissance de 15 semaines ne vous dérange pas, et que vous voulez l’ultime expérience de sativa, Auto Desfrán devrait être dans votre salle de culture!

Disponible en 3 graines 7 graines

Auto Lemon Zkittle (Dutch Passion)

L’Auto Lemon Zkittle est une hybride féminisée à autofloraison fabriquée à partir de certains des meilleurs gènes de la côte ouest des États-Unis.

Disponible en 3 graines 7 seeds

Auto Orange Bud (Dutch Passion) feminis?...

Une variété automatique tout aussi bonne que l'originale à photopériode en terme de puissance, de qualité, d'arômes et de goût.

Disponible en 7 graines 3 graines

AutoBlackberry Kush (Dutch Passion)

Une kush à l'apparence magnifique qui fournit des effets d'une grande qualité et un goût et un arôme merveilleux.

AutoBlueberry (Dutch Passion)

Dutch Passion Auto Blueberry was created for different reasons, first of all to bring superior quality in the automatic feminized genepool. Auto Blueberry is ready for harvest in about ten weeks.

Disponible en 3 seeds 7 seeds

AutoBrooklyn Sunrise (Dutch Passion)

AutoBrooklyn Sunrise by Dutch Passion combines a distinctively spicy taste with large yields of frosty top strength cannabis. This Big-Apple auto is at home in any urban grow-room and comes with the h...

Disponible en 3 seeds 7 seeds

AutoCinderella Jack (Dutch Passion) femi...

One of the strongest auto strains available made in collaboration with Buddha Seeds.

Disponible en 3 graines 7 graines

AutoColorado Cookies (Dutch Passion)

AutoColorado Cookies is a USA autoflowering variety combining a delicious fruity flavour with typical Dutch Passion extreme potency and yields which are significantly above average.

Disponible en 3 seeds 7 seeds

AutoDaiquiri Lime (Dutch Passion)

AutoDaiquiri Lime suits growers looking for hard hitting USA style XXL harvests with rapid growth. Big, fast and easy - easy enough for a first time grower.

Disponible en 7 seeds 3 seeds

AutoDuck (Dutch Passion) feminized

AutoDuck is a stealth cannabis variety with unusually shaped cannabis leaves which make it difficult to identify as cannabis, especially during the first half of its life before the buds form.

Disponible en 3 graines 7 graines

AutoEuforia (Dutch Passion)

AutoEuforia combines genetics from our original photoperiod Euforia with a carefully selected Automatic Skunk. She's a great choice if you need a variety which is uncomplicated to grow yet capable of...

Disponible en 3 seeds 7 seeds

AutoGlueberry O.G. (Dutch Passion) femin...

Auto Glueberry OG is the autoflowering version of the hard hitting, resin dripping photoperiod Glueberry OG.

Disponible en 7 graines 3 graines

AutoMazar (Dutch Passion)

AutoMazar is a remarkably heavy-yielding autoflowering hybrid between the legendary Mazar and a Ruderalis/Indica. AutoMazar is a typical Indica, a strong-growing dense plant with big leaves and yields...

Disponible en 3 seeds 7 seeds

AutoNight Queen (Dutch Passion)

AutoNight Queen continues the family tradition of premium strength sticky kush harvests which are well above average in quality and quantity. She will appeal to home growers looking for maximum potenc...

Disponible en 3 seeds 7 seeds

AutoUltimate (Dutch Passion)

The Ultimate is one of the heaviest yielding modern traditional varieties and a Dutch Passion customer favourite. The AutoUltimate gives substantial yields of very strong pot and comes with our highes...

Disponible en 3 seeds 7 seeds

AutoWhite Widow (Dutch Passion)

This is the long-awaited automatic version of their best-selling original White Widow. AutoWhite Widow is a vigorous and strong auto which gives a powerful high.

Disponible en 3 seeds 7 seeds

AutoXtreme (Dutch Passion)

AutoXtreme is the exceptional result of a 2 year collaboration between Dutch Passion and DinaFem. This is a new AutoFem and one which will be very hard to beat.

Blue AutoMazar (Dutch Passion)

Blue AutoMazar ® Cannabis Seeds combine AutoBlueberry® and AutoMazar®, two of the most loved and best selling cannabis seed varieties.

Disponible en 3 seeds 7 seeds

CBD Auto Charlotte's Angel (Dutch Passio...

La CBD Charlotte’s Angel a été croisée avec la CBD Auto Compassion Lime afin d’en faire une variété à autofloraison.

Disponible en 3 graines 7 graines

CBD Auto Compassion Lime (Dutch Passion)...

CBD Auto Compassion Lime by Dutch Passion is a CBD-rich feminized auto variety which uses genetics from the photo-period CBD Compassion and Californian Orange X USA Sour Diesel crossing, known as Daiq...

Disponible en 3 graines 7 graines

CBD Auto White Widow (Dutch Passion) fem...

A great 1:1 THC:CBD ratio characterizes this strain by Dutch Passion.

Disponible en 7 graines 3 graines

StarRyder (Dutch Passion) feminised

StarRyder is the product of a very successful project between Dutch Passion and the Joint Doctor. The collaboration took a few years to create this outstanding Autoflowering variety.

Think Big (Dutch Passion)

Think Big is a new high performance AutoFem based on the legendary Think Different genetics. Exceptional autoflowering genetics have just been pushed to the next level!

Disponible en 3 seeds 7 seeds

Think Different (Dutch Passion)

Sometimes a seed supplier needs to ‘think different’ to stand out from the crowd. Dutch Passion did just that with the introduction of feminised seed technology in the 90’s and we have done it aga...

Disponible en 3 seeds 7 seeds